Dome Keeper Unblocked

On this planet, you are facing extremely aggressive conditions. All the creatures and even the atmosphere is trying to destroy you. That is why you are living under a dome, far from civilization. However, you have an important mission that you must complete.

In Dome Keeper, you are going to play for a miner that is stuck on the far planet. Only a dome above his house protects him from harmful actions of the environment. That is why you need to take good care of it. Repair it if the monsters cause too much damage to ensure that you will survive.

The game requires a certain strategy from you. Decide how you want to repel the attacks and create upgrades and reinforcements that will help you. The project offers many kinds of those, so you can create a unique formation that will work perfectly for you.

To play comfortably, you will need to collect many diverse resources. Dig and drill down and form underground tunnels. Before you dive too deep, form a fast way back that you will use to lift yourself and the resources up to the surface. Check the time to the next wave of the aliens and be there in time.

While digging, you may stumble upon mysterious caves. In these locations, you can find artefacts that will give you fantastic bonuses. Most of them you can’t use all the time, but they will still be very useful. Moreover, you need to activate some of them in order to unblock the main artefact. So, investigate the vast underground terrains and unravel all its secrets.