Dome Keeper 3

Dome Keeper is a game that will constantly keep you engrossed. Try to keep your dwelling safe and dig up important resources. Will you manage to survive and find the main artefact?

The enemies never sleep

You are going to work underground under the pressure of constant attacks from the vicious monsters. However, there are ways to defeat them. You can upgrade the dome that covers your base so that it can keep the aliens away. Add guns and rockets that can shoot down flying aims and reinforce the shield.

Remember, that all those cool improvements require quite a bit of materials, so get under the house as long as you have free time and collect resources. There are three types of them that you may need for the crafts. Although, your inventory is not infinite, so occasionally you will have to return to the surface.

In Dome Keeper, you will need to create a certain tactic which is going to help you to keep balance between mining and protecting the dome. If you watch the time you spend underground and don’t hurry, you will successfully reach your objective.

There can’t be too much resources

In the game your life directly depends on the amount of minerals you can extract in one go. That is why it is essential that you quickly start to upgrade your character and the equipment. While your dome is protecting you from the dangerous monsters, dig down swiftly and gather the materials you need.

There is no point in picking up everything on your way, because you won’t be able to carry it all to the top. Instead, check what resources you need for the exact instrument and search for them only.

While you will be going through the underground labyrinths, you can be lucky to find rare artefacts. Usually, they can be applied only once, but the powers they contain will give you immense bonuses. The further you go the more mysterious caves you will encounter. Explore them and take maximum advantage of the objects you can find.

Your final mission will be to find a special artefact deep underground. You will have to look thoroughly and inspect every corner to find a way to the cave where it is located. But before, you will still need to activate it. Only then you will reach the end.