Dome Keeper Mod

Dome Keeper is an interesting strategy game where you need to protect your home covered with a dome from vicious aliens and to dig around searching for useful resources. Manage your time right to be at the surface before another wave of monsters strike.

Remember, that the planet you are doomed to live in is very hostile to you. The monsters will be coming in waves, each time more vigorous. Prepare your weapon and check if the dome is in the right condition.

You can select various kinds of defence, such as lasers and guns that will shoot the aliens before they will be able to strike. At the beginning of the run, you will play with one of the primary reinforcement. You may prefer the cannon over a shield or vice versa, but you will still need to control them constantly.

Along with that, you are going to select a regime and types of keepers. However, not all the options are unlocked from the start. With the help of mods, you don’t have to do numerous runs to fulfil all the requirements for these options. The mods will simply give you more opportunities at once, so that you can see the project from different angles.

They will also make more upgrades available. Usually, you need to gather some materials to craft additional weapons and improvements for your own equipment. The mods can give you more abilities to make the process easier for you. With the help of these upgrades, you will be able to focus on mining and find the artefacts you need faster.

Play and enjoy the project on your phones as well. Initially, it is available on pc, but mods can help you to appreciate it on the mobile phone. Dig underground tunnels, gather treasures and materials and fend off dangerous creatures wherever you want!