Dome Keeper 2

Living on a hostile planet is never easy, especially if you are just a miner. In Dome Keeper, you will experience such life and deal with all the difficulties it suggests. You will not only need to constantly dig under your house, but to watch for the attacks of the monsters. Play and see how far you can get.

Defend your rights to live

This place has never wanted you to live here, so you will have to work hard in order to survive in such unfavourable conditions. Firstly, you will need to take care of your safety.

Protect the house from the strikes using your own forces at the beginning, but note that the enemies become stronger with each wave. That is why eventually you will need to come up with something else.

Here you will appreciate the list of upgrades the game offers you. The base already has a dome that can give you some time before the monsters catch you. Add a couple of guns to make sure that the aliens won’t get close to you. Or you can select the additional shield that will make the attacks useless.

Choose the type of defence according to the enemies you meet. There are several kinds of them, but mostly they subdivide on the ones that hit from the ground and the ones that do it from the air. Strike them before they get too close!

Explore the mysterious mines

In the pauses between the waves, you will have to go down and collect various resources. Use your drill and go further and further. Simultaneously, look for the special artefacts that you need to successfully finish the game.

You can find these artefacts in biomes that are randomly located underneath. To reach your main aim, you will have to find all of them and figure out what secrets they hide.

With the minerals that you have already collected, craft weapons and upgrades. Make the drill work more rapidly or increase the abilities of the jetpack. Those are only a few possible things that you can construct in Dome Keeper. Apply every possible improvement to play better and reach higher results.

Still, you should not stay underground for too long. Watch when the next wave of aliens are on the way and rush straight to the surface. Will you be able to gather the maximum of resources until the time for defence comes?