Dome Keeper

Dome Keeper is a project where you need to mine and defend your territories. You are going to become a common miner whose job is to dig and collect valuable materials. However, not everything is that easy. You are going to deal with vicious creatures that want to murder you. For now, you are safe under your dome, but how long will it last?

Look for the resources and more

The majority of your time you are going to spend underground. You will have to drill and dig for quite a long time until you find something. Search for minerals in different biomes that hide various treasures.

These biomes can be of multiple colours that will help you to navigate in this underground world. Moreover, you can find artefacts! For example, in the Blue Biome you can encounter Cross Bomb that has highly destructive powers. And there are three more locations and treasures to find.

If you want to make the process of mining faster and more profitable, you definitely should buy some upgrades. Certainly, each upgrade has its own price that is measured in minerals you extract underneath. You can see how many resources you need on the left of the screen.

The number of improvements is truly impressive, so you can nearly automatize the process. However, remember that for some of them you will need to purchase additional things, so at the end you will likely need more resources than you have expected.

The unfriendly planets

Digging and gathering materials could have been a relaxing way of spending time, if you didn’t live on a different planet. In addition, the monsters that inhabit this place are super inhospitable and you will need to coexist with this fact.

Your home is equipped with a small dome that will keep you safe for some time. But the monsters are powerful and with constant attacks they will eventually destroy it and get you. What can you do to prevent this from happening? The answer is to build a couple of reinforcements.

At the beginning of the game, you will have a choice which device you want to install first. Select the one that corresponds the way you usually play. You can pick up either a cannon or a shield. Remember, that each of them has certain abilities, range and time of recharging. At some point, you will need to fend off the attacks yourself!

To let you play Dome Keeper without so much fuss, you may want to buy additional weapons for your house as well. Equip it with more cannon and lasers, so that you can focus on your main mission.