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Dome Keeper 2

Living on a hostile planet is never easy, especially if you are just a miner. In Dome Keeper, you will experience such life and deal with all the difficulties it suggests. You will not only need to constantly dig under your house, but to watch for the attacks of the monsters. Play and see how far you can get.

Dome Keeper Game Online Play Free

Dig to the core of the planet! In Dome Keeper, you will have an opportunity to live the hard life of a miner. Although, you won’t only mine different resources. Since you are on a distant planet, you never know if its habitants will be friendly to you. Therefore, it will be a good idea to learn how to defend yourself and your house.This game is available on pc, but with the help of hacks, you can enjoy it on your phone, too! It is quite easy to play and it will captivate you for a while. It won’t take you long to learn all the gameplay features, but it will surely be an interesting process.

Explore the unknown terrains

You are going to start your survival on a random planet and you have a mission to find out as much as possible about it. Mostly, you will need to gather various minerals. However, before you play, select particular features such as the kind of a dome and the type of character. Make a choice considering your own preferences.

Some of these options can be unlocked only after a couple of tries, so even if you fail in the previous run, you will be able to start a new game with better presets! The game can practically last forever, until you give up under the pressure of hostile monsters.

Or you can pick up a separate regime where you will need to find a relic under the ground. This task won’t be as easy as it sounds. Before you find it, you will need to perform a set of actions to activate it. While you will be searching, remember that the monsters can attack your dome at any time! Try to control the situation on the surface and do not come down for a long time.

Repel cruel attacks

There are many kinds of nasty creatures that will try to get you out of your safe place. That is why you will need to come up with a way to scare them off. Upgrade your base and install some weapons that will help you with this problem. You can decide that you want to be the first one who attacks, so you may want to add an auto cannon. It will destroy the nearest enemies automatically.

Alternatively, you may think that protection is more important and install a shield over your dome. It will absorb the damage monsters cause and prevent the house from breaking. Although, the shield won’t last forever and you will need to repair it.

All these gadgets will certainly help you to play this project and enjoy this process more, but you will need some resources to make them. So firstly, you must dig down as fast as possible and take maximum of the resources you encounter.
Luckily, the project offers a lot of upgrades for the character as well. You can drill and move faster, collect more minerals and return to the surface just in a minute. This will especially come in handy when your mine will expand deeper. Although you may reinforce the dome, you still have to control everything that happens above.

While you are underground, you will be in a totally different world. You can find even various biomes in the caves. Each of them contain separate kinds of collectibles, so if you know exactly what you need for a craft, it is better to look for a certain biome.